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Reactionary Amnesia: The Good Ole' Days in the Middle East
AINA, CA - 13 hours ago
After 9/11, we did not, as alleged, invade countries serially, but removed only two fascistic governments, the worst in the Middle East -- both with a ...

BBC News
What should we do for Tony's present?
Independent, UK - 9 hours ago
This is why he made a mess of the Middle East crises. His lack of historical perspective is a failing. I would give him a chemistry set. ...
US Calls For Tony Blair To Serve As Middle East Peace Envoy AHN
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It's tempting to wash our hands of Middle East
Bowling Green Daily News,  United States - 20 hours ago
In the Middle East, it often seems to be 1618, the beginning of the Thirty Years' War that laid waste to Germany in a senseless sectarian war. ...

Democracy and the Islamic World Charles Crossland
Opinion Editorials, VA - 3 hours ago
The US had the policy of allowing Europe to fight its own wars and we lived to regret it. So it seems now we aren?t going to wait for the Middle East to ...

What others say
Turkish Daily News (subscription), Turkey - 10 minutes ago
Two civil wars in the Middle East are going on already (Iraq and Palestine). Another one in Lebanon is likely. Iran seeks nuclear arms. ...

Auburn Citizen
How Israel and the United States Aim toward Disaster
Middle East Online, UK - Jun 22, 2007
?The Middle East today is like Europe on the eve of the Great War of 1914-18. It needs only a spark to set the whole region on fire? - a comment of an acute ...
Israel Seems Determined to Dig its own Grave Dar Al-Hayat
The Mask Of Imperial Power Is Dying The Mask Of Imperial Power Is ... The Daily Scare
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There's no reason for our Middle East obsession
Victoria Times Colonist, Canada - Jun 21, 2007
... in Africa and only one -- Iraq -- in the Middle East. Since the late 1990s, roughly four million people have died as a result of wars in central Africa. ...
Our Middle East obsession Ottawa Citizen (subscription)
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Muslims have good reason to fight secularism
The Republic, Canada - Jun 21, 2007
The longer I study the history of the Middle East, however, the less convinced I am. I?ve come to suspect that the Muslims of the Middle East have ...

i1connect News: Imperato Speaks Out on Weapons Sales
Fast Pitch! (press release) - 2 hours ago
"I want to state that London has become the gateway to the west for the Middle East. The fact is that once these weapons hit London they will fall into the ...

Why We Are Still In Iraq
Lew Rockwell, CA - Jun 20, 2007
The US is involved in the Middle East mainly because that?s where the oil is. If there were no oil there, the US would not be there. ...
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