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Political correctness shoves old-school coaches toward extinction
Red Bluff Daily News, CA - Jun 28, 2007
By PAT GLEASON Steve Shellabarger's life is full of it. The only thing is he just doesn't see it. Steve just pulled the plug on his 35 years in education. ...

A Question About Political Correctness
Fort Frances Times,  Canada - Jun 20, 2007
If lying has become an intricate part of Canadian politics, then Canadians must assume that political correctness involves much lying. ...

Katherine Kersten: Macalester moderates stage a mini-revolt at ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription), MN - Jun 6, 2007
The students, whatever their political persuasion, rose and applauded, recalled Roger S. Peterson, a student who was present. By 1998, things had changed. ...

Daily Mail
Medieval play threatened by 21st century curse - of political ...
Daily Mail, UK - Jun 18, 2007
But the medieval Mystery Plays are threatened by a 21st century curse ? of political correctness. The city council is planning a "multicultural ...

How Political Correctness Protects the Bad Guys
theTrumpet.com, OK - Jun 15, 2007
Had political correctness won out, the Fort Dix terror plot?to kill soldiers with assault rifles and grenades?might have become reality. ...

Sydney Morning Herald
In the eye of the storm
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 7 hours ago
He shares Howard's public disdain for "political correctness" and is quite prepared to be reviled in the pursuit of his agenda. He can talk under wet cement ...

Has political correctness gone too far?
The Herald Argus, IN - Jun 8, 2007
I believe that I can safely say most everyone over the age of fifty thinks and feels that same way about it: ?political correctness. ...

?Moro-moro? in Maguindanao
Manila Standard Today, Philippines - Jun 27, 2007
I realize that this is not a politically correct statement to make, but I say, to hell with political correctness if it gets in the way of solving a nagging ...

How We Can Retire Ann Coulter
Huffington Post, NY - 21 hours ago
... ideas mask her clear preference for insults over ideas -- the more hateful and sophomoric, the more she can claim persecution by political correctness. ...

Political correctness gone too far (again)
NetworkWorld.com, MA - Jun 8, 2007
A little off the normal topic of discussion, but this got me fired up this morning: Each year, the kindergarten class at my wife's school puts on a little ...
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