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While the power of the democratic political process has always been in the hands of the people, they have had little means to focus it.

At Last!
GrassRooters has launched a new website to empower the people!

From the City/Town/Village level, up to the County, State and National levels… we are a politically neutral group that provides you with

  • Forums and open discussion on issues that effect us today and in the future
  • Track your elected officials through easy search of votes and positions
  • Easily connect to your local and state governments
  • Polls and surveys on a wide range of topics that reflect the will of the people
  • Each City/Town/Village, County, and State has their own GrassRooters website and Forums providing over 35,000 separate GrassRooters town hall platforms
  • A means to focus on the issues at all levels to achieve change
  • Current news, discussions, essays, and positions on issues
  • Engage elected officials & candidates in civil discussions on their positions
  • The "Announce Your Candidacy" feature provides a way to get to know the candidates at all levels

The greater our membership, the more we will be empowered at the GrassRoots level.

So invite your family, friends & neighbors to join and participate. The more GrassRooters we have, the more power we will have to take back our governments from the GrassRoots level.

Remember, "The Process is in Your Hands"!

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